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Ladyboy Nan - 20yr old Hottie Short Time

Few experiences in life can compare to spending an hour in a short time room with lovely little Nan. From the moment she declared "i'm horny, I not cum today yet" then entired to suck my cock in the bathroom of her bar I was SOLD. Nan easily poured out her tits from the top of her miniskirt and said "let's go fuck." Oh hell yes!!! Up in the room i'll let the pics and vid do the talking. Nan does it all and your only job will be seeing how long you can last until blowing your load. Nan's body is a work of art, tiny buns, nice juicy asshole and big tits. Nan devours cock like she was born for it. Needless to say I didn't last long in dealing with this sex kitten. If anyone's in Pattaya would highly recommend Nan. She's an incredible, incredible, incredible little babe.