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Ladyboy Natty - Bareback Oil Massage

Natty sent me a LINE message asking what I was up to tonight. She's such a fun and crackling gal that I replied nothing, seeing what she had in mind. Natty suggested I pick her up and she could practice her "massage" technique. That was more than enough motivation to hop on the motorbike and meet up. We sped off to a seedy shorttime room. Natty never disappoints, and after pouring a generous amount of oil all over rubbed her nicely manicured fingers on my body. She was obsessed with my asscrack and toyed with my asshole. Knowing I was turned on Natty took this chance to mount me from behind slipping her oiled-up tool up my willing ass. After a proper rogering it was my turn. I fucked Natty's sweet ass doggystyle and pumped my jizz all over her asshole. Still cumming I immediately shoved my cock back inside her flexing winker. Natty still had not cum so helped her out while she stroked off. Enjoy, I know I did.