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Jenny - Hung 18yr old Femboy ST

When you are bar-hopping in Pattaya you might run into a Femboy just like Jenny. Some bars that are predominately filled with GG's (genetic girls) might have a a Ladyboy/Femboy amongst the girls. It's cute because in these cases the Ladyboy is generally coy about having a cock. Even trying to hide this wonderful fact! Jenny is one such dickgirl. Looking so nice in her ultra miniskirt and heels. But once she understood I liked Ladyboys she was all smiles and gave all the horny attention in the world. Jenny's at the beginning of transitioning, with her body is strong and all natural. Her pink panties barely could hold her hard cock making for a mouth-watering pantie bulge. Jenny's asshole is tight and as you can see from the photos I liked her feet too! Jenny's cock is dark and proud filled with all her tasty girl sperm. Very thick stretchy foreskin on her meat too. It's sexy when she unloads her beer-filled bladder by pissing a golden stream into the toilet. A wonderful new Femboy to enjoy.